Monday, September 29, 2008

Ultrashort Funds on No B.O. Monday

Well, the Dow fell 777 pts today, the Nas 199 pts, when the House failed to pass the "Bailout Bill"... (hey, maybe we can do without credit for awhile, just put that house purchase on hold and rent!)

Here are just today's gains in some ultrashort funds:
DXD (Dow) +11.5%
SDS (SP) 14.7%
QID (Nas) 19.95%
MZZ (Midcap) 14.4%
SDD (Smallcap) 12.1%
TWM (Russell 2000) 14.4%

EEV (Emerg. mkts) +24.1%
FXP (China) +29%
EFU (EAFE) 15.4%
EWV (Japan) 14.5%

SMN (Bas. matrls) 20.3%
SZK (Cons. goods) 6.2%
SCC (Cons. svcs) 12.5%
SKF (Fincls) 18.7%
RXD (Healthcare) 7.1%
SIJ (Industrls) 11.8%
DUG (Oil/gas) 18.6%
SRS (Real est) 8.3%
SSG (Semicond.) 18.3%
REW (Tech) 14.3%
SDK (Utils) 9.1%

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johnsmith said...

Ultrashort bond funds, as the name suggests, have much shorter average maturities than most bond funds. All other things being equal, the shorter the maturity of a bond or bond fund, the less the price will fluctuate with any given change in interest rates.


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